USP CareerHub

As the Premier University in Fiji, The University of The South Pacific offers employers in Fiji and across the Pacific, the opportunity to recruit some of USP’s top recent graduates, Alumni and current students for a wide range of positions with your organisation! This service is Free. 

USP CareerHub delivers what employers want - one website where you can create a job ad, manage your details and automatically distribute them directly to talented recent USP graduates, Alumni and current students. 

Maximise your marketing spend - don't waste time and money advertising on 'general public' recruitment websites reaching unqualified candidates.

When you register your company on USP CareerHub the system will distribute your contact details and jobs directly into the USP database once USP Careers Centre has approved your registration.

USP Students recent graduates and alumni are required to use their university passwords to access USP CareerHub so you can be guaranteed that you are reaching the right audience. Since you are specifically targeting USP students, recent graduates and alumni, advertising via USP CareerHub ensures you will not receive inappropriate applications from all over the world. Save time on filtering and sending rejection letters.

When you publish your job advertisement using USP CareerHub, the following process occurs:

  • USP Students, Graduates and Alumni will log in and see your job advertisement in the USP CareerHub student interface. USP CareerHub provides search facilities and category browsing options to enable students and recent graduates to find your job. Each time you edit your organisation’s details, the system will automatically update.